Technology has always been evolving and the key to business success very much depends on how people utilize these technologies to the highest efficacy. With mobility becoming synonymous with productivity inside out the workplace, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has changed the way people work and conduct business. With this mobile progress, printers/ Multi-Functional Printers (MFPs) are demanded anywhere and anytime...

“Business-critical content will continue to move to the cloud for secure access from anywhere and at any time. As a result, multifunction peripherals (MFPs) will need to evolve to offer a broad variety of cloud and mobile capabilities in order to adapt to this changing and evolving computing landscape.” – IDC research 2015

To drive more efficient and cost-effective tools to create and process business information, Sharp provides a perfect example of taking a platform originally designed for a consumer experience and bringing that into an office workgroup necessity. Its customized solutions allow users to leverage on its intuitive capabilities to optimize user’s productivity.

The typical MFP control panel and user interface has evolved in order to keep pace with the functionality of the device itself. To design and create a MFP that looks and behaves more like smart mobile device platforms does not happen overnight. SharpDesk Mobile ensures security and interoperability while maintaining high standards of business workflow and processes. These include hassle free printing, Simplified Scanning as well as Seamless Collaboration to various platforms.

Evolution of Mobile Technology

Another impressive technology that allows users to connect from your mobile devices to Sharp’s Displays or Interactive whiteboards, helps facilitate engaging and effective communications with minimal efforts. The idea of creating a Thinking Space not only makes a fun working environment, it contributes to significant work productivity and accomplishment.

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