Enable tracking and control of “off-the-glass” usage of the device — Copy, Scan & Fax

Key Features

Do more with lesser effort! These are the key features PaperCut can overall help to reduce printing costs and maximize printing efficiency.



PaperCut has a great efficacy of creating 50+ one-click pre-built reports, ad hoc reports and scheduled email reports.

Copy & Print Tracking

PaperCut's core purpose keeps detailed print logs for all user printing activity, allowing easy printing at the level of interest by user, printer, group, department, office or shared account.

Find-Me Print

Having a problem finding the closest printer from a long list of available printers? This roaming print service allows print jobs to find users based on their physical location, especially large sites operating a common printer fleet.

Print Management
Print Management

Good print management is more than just replacing toner cartridges. Besides being proactive, PaperCut monitors printing, encourages sensible use and finds specific pain points.

Limit Expenditure

Limitations are used to control and restrict users to sensible use by allocating a quota or budget, resulting in responsible use of printing resources.


With a single server, you can simply have multiple print servers or even the other way round, depending on the type of infrastructure and environment you have.

Google Cloud Print

The combination of PaperCut and Google Cloud Print enables and facilitates easier print management of users with mobile and “bring-your-own-devices” (BYOD) anywhere, anytime!

Reduce Waste
Reduce Waste

Are you contributing to global warming and unwanted wastage? PaperCut provides statistics on amount of trees, carbon and energy used to modify a user’s printing behaviour.